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            Power Supplies

            Behlman produces DC COTS power supplies for military, industrial and commercial applications. Innovative engineering skills allow Behlman to tailor its wide range of designs to specific customer requirements. Behlman can produce new designs, Form-Fit-Function replacement and modernize old or obsolete power supplies.

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            Power Supplies

            Behlman Inverters deliver clean, regulated AC power from DC in a bench or rack mount chassis. They are available as a simple DC-AC inverter or with a transfer circuit that will switch the load to an AC input upon loss of the DC input.

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            Power Supplies

            3U and 6U Open VPX VITA 62 High Power Multi-Output Power Supply
            The Behlman VPXtra? COTS AC to DC or DC to DC power supply is a rugged, highly reliable, conduction cooled, switch mode unit built for high-end industrial and military applications. The VPXtra? Power supplies is a VITA 62, designed to support the rigors of mission critical airborne, shipboard, vehicle and mobile applications.
            Designed and manufactured with Xtra-Cooling, Xtra-Reliable Design and Xtra-Rugged construction makes the Behlman VPXtra? Power Supplies your best choice.

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            Standard Products

            Behlman is known for a long list of modified commercial off the shelf (COTS) power products. We can configure our COTS units to meet your performance requirements. We have supplied a variety of modified standard products for industrial and mission critical, military and OEM applications.

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            Power Supplies

            Behlman VME COTS power supplies are built to support the rigor of airborne, shipboard and ground and mobile applications and designed to meet the in power requirements of MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-1399.

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            Signal Sources

            Behlman manufactures a broad line of Railroad AC Signal Sources, Frequency Converters and Inverters as well as onboard DC-DC and AC-DC system power.

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            AC Power Supplies

            Power Supplies

            Behlman manufactures a broad line of AC Power supplies and Frequency converters with available power from 1,000 VA to 120,000 VA in both single-phase and three-phase output. Available with variable or fixed voltage and frequency output, manual or programmable control, with a variety of interfaces, unique protection circuitry and the ability to modify units for your application.

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          Welcome To BEHLMAN ELECTRONICS

          Behlman Electronics Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 company, designs and manufactures a wide array of power products including AC Power Supplies, Frequency Converters, Inverters, COTS DC-DC,AC-DC and DC-AC power sources, VPX / VME Power Supplies as well as Modified Standard power supplies and Railroad Signal Sources for commercial, industrial and military mission-critical applications.

          Behlman is a US manufacturer with a proven ability to solve any power requirement, and we support our products with personal service that exceeds even your highest expectations.Our expertise includes a diverse line of products, to meet the needs of production test, facility power, aerospace and avionics, simulators and trainers, gas and oil exploration, railroad signal, utility, telecom, COTS DC-DC and AC-DC and VITA compliant VPX and VME power supplies.

          Behlman, The Power Solutions Provider!


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          Behlman Exhibiting at the following Shows

          • Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration, January 29, 2020


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